What is MarkSheridans.Com?

MarkSheridans.Com is a Dallas based online casserole and specialty foods marketplace that serves the fundraising community. A gross percentage(%) of all of our sales is allocated for the specific school, church, marching band, or corporate fundraising effort.


What makes us unique?

The only effort an organization has to make….is to make aware and direct the families of their students, band members, players, or staff to our www.MarkSheridans.Com site and order what they desire for themselves and their families! No selling to neighbors, or coworkers, or cousins and uncles. You are welcome to refer anyone to your effort, but it isn’t necessary.

Our Casseroles and Food

All of the casseroles, soups, and specialty foods we prepare are delivered to our customers FRESH!! No preservatives and never frozen. This was very important to me from the very beginning. If your fundraiser orders portioned beef, chicken, pork or seafood products they will also be delivered FRESH! You decide what you want to put on the table that evening and what you would like to freeze and save for a later date.

What areas do we service?

We serve the entire State of Texas. We will soon be serving Oregon, Missouri and Connecticut.

Serving Size?

Our casseroles and dinners will be between 3.5 pounds and 4 pounds. They will serve a family of 4 very easily and is prepared to serve 6 servings.


All of the orders will have delivery set up to accommodate the families of the organization. In most cases we will set up delivery so that students and players can take the orders home with them after school or practice. For example for a church we try to set up delivery on Sunday of service or for a special event during the week. All corporate orders are delivered directly to the companies offices for easy pickup before leaving work for the day. We can handle all special requests to service our customers.

How often can our group order?

We would love the opportunity to continue servicing our fundraising clients on a monthly basis. It was my goal to offer a service that was affordable and of course represented incredible food that is not typically available in the marketplace. So it is completely up to the organizers of your organization on how often they want to make this available for the benefit of your organization.

If anyone ever has a question or we can serve you in any way please contact us directly!